Meat was preserved by drying it

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They gathered, hunted, fished, grew corn, pumpkin and vegetables. The topsoil under our feet took thousands of years to build up. De Peyster hanged a woman. And at night there was howling of the wolves outside the palisade.

With each uplift the sediments were changed and folded and new igneous rocks were forced into these formations. Pontiac proposed a plan to capture Fort Detroit. The Indians did not have written laws. The Indians believed in an after life and buried with their dead things they thought they would use.

It is like a big spaceship and it has no life preservers. They hunted, fished and gathered wild edible plants such as berries and nuts. There were several long periods of time when our area was covered by glaciers sometimes over a mile thick.

During the Pennsylvanian period over million years ago Warren was above the sea while the center of the state was a huge swamp with huge fern like plants which later formed coal. An Indian woman saved the fort at Detroit. Savages then and now Wars occurred frequently. To weaken the Indians further Clark sent agents to Indian tribes causing several tribes to drop hostilities. It is believed that that is how man got to North America.

During the Pennsylvanian period

The Indians have interesting traditions. Not the smallest weed is to be seen in them.

The oldest rocks the precambrian rock was formed from gas which had condensed to form a molten ball and the lighter materials floated to the outside. Pontiac and his men left the fort. Pontiac carried a green-and-white wampum belt shells embroidered into a belt. He made many enemies and extracted the last penny possible from the settlers. Into this wonderful land of beauty and peace, again as in countless times before, came strangers and killed the peaceful settlers.

Men did hunting, fishing, trading and defending. In one attack against English settlers at Schenectady sixty residents perished. Willis F Dunbar Warren was no-man's land in the wilderness. Spruce, fir, pine, oak, chestnut walnut, sycamore butternut, basswood, elm, beech ash, oak, and pine.

An Indian woman

Survivors were adopted into other tribes or became refugees. Indians and Warfare The Indians lived in a land of relative abundance yet groups often starved in the winter.

Of course that remains to be seen. Because it is recent history.