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Braces taglines for dating

If your make-up looks better, they'll be looking at your beautiful eyes and that great hair, and won't notice your teeth. Women appreciate a well-dressed guy. So if someone who didn't pay attention to you previously suddenly gets very interested after you get braces, that may be the reason. You are spending major bucks to get your teeth straightened. Also keep in mind the some people have a fetish for braces.

Go out on a limb and buy an outfit or two that looks great on you. Finally, consider getting to your ideal weight and improving your physical appearance and strength overall.

Take a good look at

Sure, braces are a stereotype. Take a good look at what's out there and buy yourself a few great new outfits that accentuate your coloring and your figure. Sometimes finding the right person means knowing who you are and what you want. And if you look good and are confident, you are sexy and attractive to other people.

On the other side of the spectrum, in real life, there is Tom Cruise. If so, maybe it's time for something a bit updated. Take a good look at yourself.

You'd be surprised how many men get skin treatments these days. Next, don't be shy about heading over to a day spa for a skin consultation. Photo to the right here is Tom Cruise in his Clarity ceramic brackets. Then, there's the haircut.

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