But we must reject this lie

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From an obscure desert sheik, he became the forerunner of kings and nations. We fear that something will harm us or that we will suffer need in some way. All the while, the Canaanites and the Perizzites, who lived in the land as well, were watching. Always choose the way of peace. One person wrote to a religious columnist that drugs should be legalized because he felt close to God when he smoked pot.

The character you choose to develop will leave its mark on the lives of generations you'll never live to see. We seem to want everything instantly these days. Even in the midst of his grief, as he prepared to bury his beloved Sarah, he maintained his integrity. With a faith that took captive his feelings, he prepared to do exactly as God commanded.

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The lesson of Abraham is clear. They have no qualms at all in identifying themselves with the products and purposes of those who finance their careers. He had waited years to receive a very special son.

Take comfort in the truth that, despite what you may be going through right now, in the end, you win. It simply didn't make sense for Abraham now to take this essential link to the future welfare of the world and offer him as a sacrifice.

In the midst of the pain, however, you must always cling to the unchangeable truth that in the end we win. His city was so wicked that it would shortly be destroyed by brimstone and fire. In his hurry to make God's promise of a son come true, he agreed to take Sarah's servant, Hagar, as a substitute wife. Or, He may choose to give you the strength to endure an illness with courage. Set aside time to get to know Him better.

Speak with Him often through prayer. Even though Abraham made mistakes and sometimes failed to trust the Lord fully, God never went back on His promise. When we trample down those protective fences God has set up in His Word, we end up experiencing the evil from which those fences were created to save us.