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After that reapplication is needed. Leaves my skin touchably soft and smooth, very plump and hydrated. Sandalwood Santalum album has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties known for soothing angry and irritated skin. Probably I should give it more time. Aloe extracts are also used for antibacterial and anti-fungal purposes.

It prevents the development of bacterial infections, reduces irritation and soothes the skin. Kudos to the house of Himani for leading the market of antiseptic creams and lotions for over years, and excelling in the natural cosmetic industry unparalleled. Boroplus Cocoa Soft Moisturising Body Lotion is made of natural ingredients that nourishes the skin and keeps it soft, smooth and glowing. Used as the most trusted natural product since years, Boroplus antiseptic cream claims to contain natural ingredients like the extracts of nimbu, chandan, tulsi and kapoor kachari, etc.

Urea is a substance that readily absorbs water and helps reduce the amount of water lost through our skin. It is known to have antiseptic properties and also acts as natural moisturizer. Known for Antibacterial and Antifungal properties, it aids in healing skin disorders and keeps the skin healthy. The smell is a bit on the stronger side and might bother sensitive noses. Bollywood beauty Parineeti Chopra is endorsing this product.

This thick creamy white ointment is excessively oily and could lead you in sudden breakouts. This cream, because of its softer texture, is more spreadable and absorbs faster to moisturize and nourish the skin from within giving it a healthy glowing look and a soft supple feel.

You can always carry it in your handbag as an instant cure for those sudden mishaps. Its soothing effect as well as nice herbal fragrance is awesome.

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For those less dry wind days, no one would like to apply an extremely oily cream like Boroplus antiseptic cream for that matter. According to me, this nourishing moisturizing lotion works wonders on my normal skin. The lotion has pretty thick consistency, like a cream. Eugenol, the active ingredient in Holy Basil extract is particularly known for its anti-acne properties. As the name suggests, Boroplus Daily protection Cream is meant for everyday use.