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Due to varying update cycles, statistics can display more up-to-date data than referenced in the text. Most crew members were from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota. The chairman of Northwestern Mutual had a long history with the Great Lakes shipping industry.

Along with the captain, the other crew members of the Fitzgerald included porters, oilers, engineers, maintenance workers, cooks, watchmen, deck hands, and wheelsmen. November is a brutal month on the Great Lakes. For more on the story and the ship, visit S. In the decades since, only a handful of people have been able to see the wreck, which lies in two pieces.

This is an update of a post originally published on Feb. The treacherous weather conditions are an obvious factor, but experts differ on what they think specifically caused the accident. The landscape of relationships in America has shifted dramatically in recent decades.

November is a brutal

One possible reason for this disparity is that women are less interested than men in remarrying. After that, there was nothing on the radar. Meanwhile, marriages and partnerships across political party lines are relatively rare in the U. The large cargo vessels that roamed the five Great Lakes were known as lakers, and the S. However, being a good financial provider was seen as particularly important for men to be a good husband or partner, according to a survey by the Center.

Later, the Anderson made its way back into the storm to search for the ship, but found only a pair of lifeboats and debris. Predictably, there are still those who harbor other theories, including unsecured hatches, maintenance troubles, massive waves, structural issues, and yes, even aliens. Many of these interfaith marriages are between Christians and those who are religiously unaffiliated. Remarriage is more common among men than women.

Anderson, led by Captain Jesse Cooper. Here's what we do know about the S.

Marie and said they were taking on water. In addition to the half of U. From cohabitation to same-sex marriage to interracial and interethnic marriage, here are eight facts about love and marriage in the United States. Large majorities of members of both political parties say their spouse or partner belongs to the same party.

Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct. This text provides general information. Navy and Coast Guard deployed planes and cutters with magnetic anomaly detectors, sidescan sonar, and sonar survey to find the wreckage. The other, captained by Ernest McSorley, was the S.

Edmund Fitzgerald was, at the time, the biggest ever built. Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board agreed that the tragedy was likely due to faulty cargo hatches, which led to flooding. Following the wreck, the U. Closest competitors were eHarmony.