Bbc weather app not updating, apple footer

As per the issue, it seems that the Weather on the computer does not work properly. Note the photo to the left and the time of sunset. On that page you can get and easily install it on a mobile phone or an Android-based tablet. Then go to your home screen and restart the weather app by tapping under the time and then update the weather.

Many of you might not care because you use another weather app. My mom lives in Louisiana her time and date is off. Hope this info helps anyone who is having this issue. There will no doubt be updates to the Maps App, and an update to Passbook among others. The last sentence - I'd gladly change the permission if someone would tell me how and what to change them to.

Weather App not updating current Location - HTC Desire

This would explain why it works sometimes and not others. Every location has its own day and time, even within the same time zone. There is even a special line in the menu giving access to all recent flood and bad weather warnings. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. He even checked his own phone while I was there and he had the exact same problem.

The Iphone native weather app is not working properly, not updating, confusing some times. Mine has been updating, but is rather slow at doing so. All my other app's are updating tiles perfectly. Nodders Android Enthusiast. Theres always data for Pressure, Visibility and Humidity data as well as the temperature and the wind.

Sometimes the app itself doesnt update location or weather conditions. Mine's just fixed itself Edit Refreshed weather from the weather app and it un-fixed itself. Other times, there's old weather from days back and text on the bottom saying Update failed, last updated whenever.

How satisfied are you with this reply? If you have to temporarily disable it to install other software, popular most you should re-enable it as soon as you're done. How satisfied are you with this response? This is limited to this particular data for a very small subset.

Fix For Weather Widget Not Working on iPhone or iPad

Communities Contact Support. Please enter your email to receive the reset link. When you start the app, it detects your location automatically and displays the current weather conditions, temperature, wind speed and direction, sunset or sunrise time. When in England, speak English and act English, yes, abundance mentality dating we know.

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I m having problems with a BBC app - Using the BBC

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Weather widget not working - Galaxy Nexus

Surprised a problem like this would persist for so long. Since I wrote this, the problem appears fixed. If you're connected to the Internet or a network while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks. Obviosuly not a concern, but curious if there is any more information on this yet? Even launching the weather app from the widget doesn't even cause the widget to update.

Weather Widget Not Working in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad How to Fix It

To have it instantly update for your current location, it has to be set to Always. Given that the Weather app is the only Microsoft app I have where the Live Tile doesn't update I switched to a different app. We collect all legal sources for every app. As the weather updates, it applies to all the locations you have marked.

It just seems that more attention has been given to this problem at the links that you mention in your post. Apple Watch has an amazing stock Weather app that gives details of weather changes at regular hours. Phone has been rebooted several times. Changing regional settings does not help. It used to be Yahoo, but a recent update changed that.

Apple Footer

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community and we are happy to assist you on this issue. And I can concur, because no other cities are affected. Other times, there's a blank purple or blue screen without any weather icons or text to indicate the update fail. If I tap on it and it brings up the main weather screen that's accurate but the temp on the widget doesn't change unless I reboot. Hopefully someone out there can shed more light on this issue, or offer a definitive solution.

Fix For Weather Widget Not Working on iPhone or iPad

In addition to saving favorite places, you can select the measurement units for the temperature or the wind. Confusing you must explain how its confusing. If you need more data, you can activate additional displays. They say the British always chat about the weather, though English weather is predictably foggy and rainy.

This is a big nussance because you own this phone for its features and useability. You can set your favorite locations and switch them from the list hidden behind the left edge of the screen. Mine also stopped working after a while.

  1. Comletely restore to factory settings.
  2. With further testing while off wifi, the weather app updates sometimes.
  3. To suit the stereotype, the app looks conservative and strict.

It definitely sounds like some sort of data problem related to the Central Time Zone, yes. However, if you go to the Weather Channel app and enter Chicago, the information is correct. The situation was the same when I updated to Froyo. Even though those cities updated fine without wifi, the app would not let me search or add any other cities.

  • Is anyone else experiencing this?
  • Can anyone shed more light on this issue?
  • Disable all security software and check if the issue persists.
  • My wife gets the credit for noticing it first.
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The Iphone native weather app is not work - Apple Community

Hopefully someone out there. The weather app works fine only over WiFi. Android users also benefit from widgets, informative enough and available in different size. Hi Martin, Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community and we are happy to assist you on this issue.

Weather app not updating the current weather

Apps FAQ - BBC Weather

It sounds like the problems are manifesting in different ways in different locations, dating and some of the problems are worse than the others. For some it may be an inconvenience. The weather should now be available on the homescreen. What updates it will bring fall into the realm of speculation and hearsay.

The only thing to complain about is language. An update button is present both in the app itself and in the widget. Even if the app is not officially available in your country, it still will work if you bootleg it to your device somehow. Right now, iphone weather app shows very different results as compared to Weather. Mine gives me the weather for Redman Washington over miles away.

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