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Tighten the mounting nut with channel-type pliers while continuing to hold the tailpiece in place. Clean up any excess silicone or smooth a line. This metal or plastic nut will be located either in the wall or the floor. Water supply lines should screw into place with the corresponding joints on the new faucet. Is there something I should do?

Typically, you pull the collar on the hose end away from the end and release it once the nozzle's snap adapter is fully seated into the hose end. Put the Drain Stopper Into Place. The specific size of the connectors should be included in the instructions for the specific faucet that you're installing. Slide a drain washer over the tailpiece. Fit the gasket over the portion of the drain that protrudes out of the bottom of the tub, dating best followed immediately by the drain ell.

How to Hook Up a Bathroom Sink Drain

Checking for leaks by filling the sink up and draining it. Finish with silicon around the top of the sink, anywhere that the basin of the sink meets the wall, service filling any gaps with a thin bead of caulk. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Hooking Up a Bathtub Drain

How to Install a Bathroom Sink 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

All new sinks should come with a template of the mounting opening, marking the location of the faucet holes, including a cutout for the sink. If the pop-up is not working, reposition the stopper and pivot rod so the pieces connect properly. The putty needs to cover the circumference of the drain flange without any breaks. Most don't even have a manufacturer or model either. After the two rods are connected, check to make sure that the pop-up stopper opens and closes fully inside the drain opening.

These are for the sink's overflow. Place the tub into the installation location and measure these locations again, but from the inside of the tub. Compare the two figures, if they match you are ready to go. You have it connected properly when you move the clevis rod up and down and the stopper moves correspondingly in the sink.

The bathroom sink drain connects to the drainpipe beneath the sink. Push the pop-up drain tailpiece assembly up through the drain opening from under the sink as high as you can. You can buy adapters at stores selling sink drains and pipes. The pop-up is the device that allows you to open and close the sink drain, usually made of a simple metal rod with ball attached to it. Before connecting the horizontal pivot rod to the vertical lever, make sure your stopper is in the fully up open position.

How to Hook Up a Drain Line to a Sink

Follow the instructions included with the new sink and defer to the manufacturer's guidelines. While different sinks will need to be installed depending on the variations of the kit you're using, the basic steps in the process are usually the same. Install the tailpiece and drain kit. Push the drain into the sink drain hole.

Make sure the opening in the tailpiece where the pop-up pivot lever will fit is pointing straight back towards the wall. It is the most difficult part of the installation. For now, it only needs to be hand-tightened enough to hold it in place. It may take several attempts to get this right. The drain itself will also sometimes leak, which can be caused by over-tightening and straining the seal created by the connector gaskets.

Slide only one side of the u-shaped spring clip onto the end of the pivot rod. The extending part of the drain that hangs beneath the sink is the tailpiece. Sit the tub upright before tightening the screws all the way down. Give them another half turn with the slip-joint pliers.

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Install the plastic washer then the rubber washer and push it all the way down on top of the mounting nut, as shown here. Press it in until the putty begins to ooze out of the sides of the flange. Kristi Waterworth started her writing career in as a journalist for a local newspaper. This is typically located on a lower level or the basement near the water meter. Get the necessary tools for the job.

The supply lines for the faucet need to correspond to the faucet and valves under the sink, so make sure they match before you get started. Measure the exact location of the drain and overflow relative to the tub installation and record the measurements. From under the sink, dating timetable hold the drain tailpiece with one hand and tighten the mounting nut upwards toward the bottom of the sink.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Use an adapter to fit sink drains with mismatched tailpieces and drainpipes. Secure the sink with clips. Feed the vertical pop-up lever down through the hole behind the spout of the faucet. Open the access panel that hides the tub drain rough-in.

How to Hook Up a Drain Line to a Sink - dummies

Bathroom hookup sink
How to Install a Pop-Up Drain Stopper in a Bathroom Sink

Hook up bathroom sink drain

  • If using the same pipe, cap it off, and use a stopper in your sink.
  • Then, reconnect the water supply and install the pop-up.
  • After finishing this adjustment, fully tighten both the retaining nut and the clevis-lift rod attachment nut with your fingers.
  • Apply a generous bead of plumber's putty to the underside of the flange on the sink drain fitting.

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Insert the handles of your pliers into the section of the drain inside the tub. Insert the pivot rod into the stopper hole in the back of the tailpiece. Doing so may strip the knobs or break them off. Common sink piping is one-half inch, but there are three-fourths-inch pipes as well. You can use the template to make sure the sink fits in the desired location.

How to Hook Up a Bathroom Sink Drain

Bathroom hookup sink - Saw Creek Estates

To install the tailpiece, drop it through the sink and screw on the nut from below. Do not over-tighten the water supply valves. Install as per the instructions.

Make them hand tight, and somewhere around a quarter to half turn with a wrench. Hold the washer in place and screw on the connecting lock nut. Wedge another gasket between the overflow ell and the overflow opening on the tub.

Hooking Up a Bathtub Drain

Bathroom Sink Drain Installation
  1. Make sure the space for the faucet matches the location of the sink, using the template to measure before you install anything.
  2. If there is no access to the drain from behind or below, and your tub is sitting in its permanent spot, it is best to consult an expert to hook-up your drain.
  3. You can install a new sink with basic tools and new components that match the valves already installed in your plumbing.
  4. Wipe away the excess sealant.
  5. Does the sink need to be connected to the vent in the wall?
  6. Install the stopper and overflow lift rod according to package directions.
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