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Allegedly, the pair had secretly gotten married in Macau in March. Vanness Wu and Vivian Hsu remained on speaking terms even after their break up. He also sees Reen as a suitable marriage partner for him in the very near future. Since only family and friends are invited to the wedding, we did not want the wedding to be full of speculative news. It was also in when Vic started dating his current girlfriend Reen Yu.

The two of them were reportedly dating each other for almost six months now, starting around February of this year. Vanness Wu has been married with Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo for two years now. Are we now looking at the future Mrs. White balloons were released into the sky. Zhang was completely satisfied with the wedding and revealed that Barbie and Xiao will not be going on an immediate honeymoon.

Romantic rumors between Vic and

Better to do that than to pull an Andy Lau denial act. In addition, Bowie has been spotted driving Vic to the filming set. Ken Chu and Han Wen Wen were seen together at a shopping mall, sparking reports that the two are in a relationship. Shortly afterwards, Barbie and Xiao Fei appeared amidst thunderous applause.

Kevin Tsai indicated that Barbie originally prepared a long welcoming speech for the guests. Romantic rumors between Vic and Bowie first surfaced while he was still dating Barbie. Some media started calling him now as a diamond bachelor alongside Louis Koo, although he still has two more years before he officially becomes one. The wind gently blew at her wedding veil, creating an elegant image. Over two hundred friends and family members were invited to the after party, which was held at a luxury five-bedroom residence.

Inside each balloon was placed a sunflower seed. Han Wen Wen Ken seems to have a penchant for dating women with curvy figures. Barbie and Xiao Fei reserved all of the villas in the Conrad Hotel for their wedding. It took Ken quite some time to totally get over Kelly Lin.

Copying these materials for anything other than your personal use is a violation of copyright laws. His most notable relationship from then until now has always been with Lin Chi-ling. Since breaking up with long term girlfriend Kelly Lin, hardly any of his past relationships lasted longer for more than a year.

Despite their high-profile dating, the wedding was conducted secretively and reporters were banned from attending. No part of this article may be copied, reproduced, rearranged, redistributed, modified by any means or in any form whatsoever without prior written permission. Vic has been working all this time.

The untimely death of Beatrice Hsu had greatly affected Vic Chou. At present, Jerry is still single sans rumors with anyone. So far, this has been his longest relationship to date as none of his past relationships lasted for more than two years. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

Our family is more traditional and will not deliberately invest in foreign places. In addition, more guests stayed at the Hilton Hotel nearby.

Kevin Tsai indicated

After a whirlwind romance of only twenty days, the pair got engaged. In fact, so private he was that for the next four years, he had kept his intimate relationships away from the media and the public eye. This article is written for JayneStars.