They can still view your profile

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The reason that this happens from time to time is because the user that had tried to contact you was determined to be a scam artist. At the top right of each personal profile you will see a button that says Add to Favorites.

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No, Baptist Dating For Free does not conduct a criminal background check or screening for its members. We want to minimize this kind of intrusion to our Community and appreciate any tips we get from our members. As you look at these personal profiles you may find some that interest you more than others.

They can still view your profile. It is just a tool to give you a better picture of an individual. They are just blocked from contacting you via private message. If you want to know more about a member before you meet them, we recommend that you find a reputable background screening company. There are plenty of lousy people out there that try to exploit the generosity and kindness of others.

Even though we catch and ban many of these scammers, on occasion one or two may sneak through. However, if for example they close the BaptistDatingForFree. We just want to err on the side of caution and protect our Baptist Dating Community the best we can. Or, the scammer may appear to be somewhat legitimate and we give them the benefit of the doubt for a short time. Statement Request For Visa Application.

There are a lot of troublemakers out there on the internet. With all those passwords, usernames and combinations we have these days its easy to forget sometimes. This is the image that everyone will see when they do a search and find your profile.

There are a lot of troublemakers