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If you are a fan of super chutney along with your Dosa, then this is a great bet. They have a small seating area too, but all the crowd was focussed at the counter where hot dosas were being dished out by the minute and yet the rush seemed unending.

The coffee was also spot on in terms of flavour. The cleanliness and hygiene of this place had started to deteriote over the years. Ramu Tiffin Centre has etched its mark on having the best Plain Dosas on food street for its crispiness in every bite. Standing joint with lots of crowd, but good dosa This small joint near U. Also one of the most important reasons for Vidyarthi Bhavan's popularity is the value for money that is offered by them.

Though it does have a seating area, most people prefer to get take-aways especially on Sundays. The food is served in Karnataka style, on a banana leaf, laid out in a long row where everyone is seated together.

Their Set Dosa

Davangere Benne Masale These are typically the small one-room operations where dosas are made on huge earthen tawas, heated on firewood. Then you've got to try it. And since its dosas became so popular, the owner stopped making other dishes and started offering masala dosa as the main dish. Vidyarthi Bhavan got its name from the fact that it was a popular eating place for students from nearby colleges such as National College and B.

Their Set Dosa is the perfect item for a yummy tummy. If you struggle with crowds, don't come here, but otherwise a good spot for davangere benne dosas. Bangalore restaurants Located around different places around Bangalore, the crispiness of these dosas, dipped in the best spicy sambar they serve, is a combination to die for. The food is good too but that is not why you would want to go to Rogue Elephant. They were also serving avalakki, vada and idli which had very few takers.

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