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Bajaj iron box service center in bangalore dating

Hum time par bill jama karte aaye h. In the month of July they have put a reading of which is result of the earlier pending readings accoridng to the office head. Best Wishes and Take Care. They are not telling their names and are daily coming to the residence again and again. However, this road is driving a large number of traffic.

Everytime when i call them they say thay power will come in another hours but nothing happens. All these things are in our everyday environment, yet they do not affect everyone who merely comes into contact with them. Finally he replace a digital meter and then regularisd bysending bills which we paid till now.

This is harassment to a timely electricity bill payee consumer. On the other hand Crank Case Oil turned out to be a very potent medicine, I request you to experiment with it.

This is harassment toOn the other

In this regard, I contacted Sh. Still not received connection. We are paying maintenance charges of approx. This helps to create a fashionable impression on whomever you are interacting with. Not getting any proper response from customer care.