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Backdating attendance allowance

What matters is

You should get high rate Attendance Allowance due to being terminally ill. This is a form describing your conditions and treatments - you'll need to send it with your Attendance Allowance application.

What matters is the help you need. This benefit is paid for your care or supervision needs. If you're not sure whether you might qualify, you could look at getting benefits advice.

Reporting a change in my circumstances If there is a change in your circumstances or you gave incorrect information by mistake, you need to report it. Attendance Allowance is normally paid into your bank or building society account every four weeks in arrears. You can get the benefit even if you live alone with no help. There is a different process for applying and it usually takes longer. You should have a full benefit check done.

If you're likely to live longer than six months Many people with a terminal illness live longer than six months. You won't have to pay for this report. Let your local Pension Centre know.

This benefit is paid for your

My doctor has told me this week that my condition is terminal. If you are classed as terminally ill you are not required to wait the normal six months before claiming. Have a full benefit check done now. Payments are usually made for three years, so they can be looked at again after this time. This is sometimes called applying under the special rules.

You usually must be in Great Britain and have lived there for two of the last three years. It will, you should let the local Council know that you now have Attendance Allowance and when it was awarded to you. This should mean that you no longer have any rent to pay.

Getting Attendance Allowance can also help you to get other benefits. There are two rates, which depend on the amount of help you need. It's a good idea to make a copy of your filled-in application form and any other documents you send. Have a benefit check done if she is also awarded A. If she meets the qualifying conditions then yes she can and should claim.