It alters the vagina chemistry

Baby oil as lube yahoo dating

Just as you have read earlier, doctors recommend water based lubricants. It is so silk that you will have a very smooth ride- both of you will enjoy it.

It is just like the lubricant that the vagina releases when it is wet. Before you get one of these lubes now, hear this. If you have been using it, just stop it and see a doctor.

You will definitely learn to see the difference for yourself. Now you see, it is not made to be used in any form as a personal lubricant or for sexual activities. The former Baby Oil can cause a variety of infections and desquamative vaginitis as well- the equivalent of skin peeling after a sunburn. It depends on the quantity ingested.

Because without it, baby skin may get dried and look harsh. If you apply this baby oil on the penis and around or in the vagina, and other sensitive parts, then it will affect her health. This has greater lasting time than water based lubricants. But now, it is used to ease the penis entry into the vagina and anus. Baby oil affects her system negatively rather than positively.

You will definitely learnNow you see it is not

That is simply a place you can get what you want. Perhaps, you have read or heard someone telling about how good baby oil is when used during sex. Ingesting baby oil is dangerous. You will both have a pleasure-filled and intense sexual satisfaction. It harbors germs and other harmful bacteria inside the body, especially on the female side.

There you will get the lowest price on these lubricants. Few drops of it will last you the whole show.

It is not sticky or gooey. Let us save the space for more interesting facts on using baby oil as lube. It is easy to clean with soap and warm water. Baby oil is difficult to clean with water only.

Baby oil makes you prone to internal infections. It stains your lingerie, sheets and under-wears. It is super slick and slippery. You can use it on your penis, on your sex-toys or even your fingers for foreplay.