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That might be extreme, but thinking about other non-sexual topics or visuals can definitely calm you down. Some believe anxiety is the culprit, repetitive learned behaviors, excessive or insufficient arousal, or muscular tension.

Masturbation is the best practice for sex. Whether it's because mom always knew the worst time to knock on your door, or your decision to rub one out fast when stressed, we often train ourselves to be quick on the orgasm trigger. Focus your attention on pleasing your partner. There's no need for paranoia, however.

The lining of the mouth is a much more delicate region than that of the vagina, and can actually be much more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Since orgasm is muscular contractions that release muscular tension, it'd be wise for us to work on our muscle tension levels. Restoring the foreskin will increase sensation making sexual intercourse more intense.

Granted, some circumcised men actually see the benefits of having a desensitized head, since some men have a tendency to peak faster. Other Treatments Personally, I think desensitizing creams are a short-term fix.

There are thousands out there and the more sex education you have, the more competent, confident and less anxious you'll feel. Men are notorious for keeping things inside and it's no different for a delicate subject like this. Change Positions We all know the moves and spot that feel the best, the key is to work our way up to them.

Meditation, hypnosis or imagery exercises may help for some. The Between Us Clinic's program focuses on teaching participants how to determine what that point is and what it feels like. Get her off a couple times if she's multi-orgasmic. This gradual increase in stimulation that you can manage, sustain and control will eventually be transferred to sex with a partner. Thankfully, restoring the foreskin can heighten pleasure in a matter of months.

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When you're enjoying some solo time, familiarize yourself with the feeling of almost being there and keeping yourself there without cumming. Feeling of control Some men feel that they were wronged or defiled by the procedure since they were not given a choice. Even men with frequent sex can get extra aroused. If you ever wanted to reverse your circumcision without surgery, here is what you need to know. Start-Stop Method The start-stop method is a tested method to learning ejaculatory control and lasting longer.