We don't write albums on the road

Are katie and jules from the ting tings dating

It felt like we were writing decent songs. But when you're as busy as we are, that's simply impossible.

It was in a studio and there was a big party going on. If you don't want to do it, don't do it'. We're so not the finished article yet. She was dressed up in true Manc style and it was too warm in there.

We didn't get to enjoy the social aspect of it at all. So going out to Manchester underground clubnights was such an eye-opener, it turned me onto so much new music.

We put our first single out ourselves. Are we chasing a dream that's never going to come true'.

It's the way that works

When Robert Downey Jr bumped into them in the Jonathan Ross Show green room a few months ago, he scribbled down his number and insisted they look him up if they ever got to Los Angeles. Another crock of shit basically. That was something we tried to put together instead of following our instincts. For more info visit myspace.

We put a lot of effort into it. It's the way that works best for us. But what we've got, people seem to really like already. People have this idea of us partying all the time.

We put a lot of

After that, we cleaned our hands and were gone. Anyway, afterwards we were approached by these Apple reps.

They're a band incapable of doing anything at less than hyperspeed. So hectic is their life that on a lay-over in Los Angeles a few months back they even had to turn down the opportunity to party with David Beckham. He's booked a rare evening off and plans to chill with friends. Me and Katie have been literally sprinting out of the mill as soon as we've finished playing. So by the time the majors were knocking on the door, it was already all in place.

We're determined to enjoy it this time. But even early on, it was apparent that The Ting Tings were onto something special. They started to hang about a Manchester art-space in the notorious neighbourhood of Salford. Fortunately enough, she lived in the building complex that also houses Salford's Islington Mill, home of clubnights as varied as Blowout, Club Brenda and various weird art-installation stuff.