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Customer means the person who has a confirmed ticket for movie screening. One who goes on a yatra is known as a yatri. To make the environment conducive for all customers, the Organisers prohibit the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Organisers may refuse admission or ask Customers to leave premises if they are in an inebriated state or causing nuisance to others. Mansarovar is a fresh-water lake situated in Tibet.

The venue may on occasions have to conduct security searches and frisking to ensure the safety of the customers and take necessary action accordingly. Organisers prohibits exchanges after a security deposit has been made.

According to some, the dates for Kosi Yatra are fixed and takes place in the month of Chaitra. Threshold Users means minimum number of users who pay a security deposit showing their good faith intention towards a movie screening. Audio or video recording of the event is not permitted, unless explicitly made clear by the organizers.

Some religious leaders believe that the right place to start the parikrama should be Basti instead of Ayodhya. These pilgrims are referred to as Varkaris. In modern times the word can be used to denote marches or demonstrations, for political, environmental or societal causes. Details regarding how to perform various rituals, the greatness of Kashi Kshetra.

It is the greatest of all the yatras. The user and customer agree that the decision of the organiser is final and binding. There is no additional consideration to be paid by the user. The annual yatra to the famous Vithoba temple at Pandharpur held every year during the month of June and July. The security deposit is a good faith deposit made by the customer in confirmation of their intention to screening of a movie.

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On confirmation of the screening, the security deposit from the interested users will be used as consideration towards the sale of event tickets to the interested users. Any objections or queries can be taken up with the management of the organisers.

Customer details on the sale ticket will match the details provided at the time of security deposit. Outside food will not be permitted. Customers can park their car at or near the premises at their own risk. Before making the security deposit, carefully review your details.

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This is the only day when devotees who are not allowed in the temple premises such as non-Hindus and foreigners, can get their glimpse of the deities. You must not make, create, store, record or transmit any kind of sound recording, visual footage recording or transmit any information or other data with relation to the screening. At present these rules are not followed by many pilgrims. The temple is on Amarnath mountain and Amarnath caves are the most famous shrines in Hinduism.