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In her search, she runs into Natsu Dragneel and his partner Happy, who are on a quest to find Natsu's foster father, the dragon Igneel. Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Vol.

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Fernandes, Jellal Supporting. Miu Kawasaki repeated being responsible for the story, while Mashima again was responsible for the art. List of Fairy Tail volumes. Although Mavis is pleased with the bath, she appears to remain upset about something. Script and storyboards are written on Monday, rough sketches the following day, and drawing and inking are done Wednesday through Friday.

He usually thinks up new chapters while working on the current ones. Afterwards, Erza cheers up and invites her friends to a karaoke bar. The Funimation-dubbed episodes aired on the Funimation Channel.

The anime has been licensed by Funimation for an English-language release in North America. Fairy Tail is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Hiro Mashima. The anime has also received a positive response from critics and viewers alike. Natsu and Gray are subsequently punished while Fairy Tail is left to pay for the damages.

She is initially disgusted by the filthiness of their house, but notices that they have taken special care of various memorabilia they have collected from all of their missions with her. Kimlinger, his colleague Rebecca Silverman, and A.

The plot revolves around some of the Fairy Tail members partying in Lucy's apartment for the Christmas holiday. Erza recruits Natsu to heat the bath water to extreme temperatures, successfully allowing Mavis to experience its warmth. To her shock, he reveals that he is a member of Fairy Tail and invites her to join them. In Japan, the fifth volume of Fairy Tail was ranked seventh in a list of the top ten manga, and the series once again placed seventh after the release of the sixth volume. She finally sobers upon running into Jellal in the streets and becomes ashamed of her behavior.

While their friends battle the soldiers, Natsu and Haru team up and defeat Kurodoa, gaining each other's respect. When Natsu fails to do so, Zeref absorbs Fairy Heart from Mavis in a bid to rewrite the present timeline with one where he might prevent the atrocities he and Acnologia have caused.

Ignoring Erza's warnings to not interact with anything while she decodes the book for a way back to the present, Natsu and Gray go off exploring in disguises. It aired in some parts of Asia and in the Philippines, where they initially used the Hong Kong based English dub, but later on changed to the original Japanese audio. When she explains Hilda's request to Erza, however, Erza tells her that Hilda has been dead for six years. Hero's Journey was announced to be open for closed beta testing.

After receiving a tour of the building from Erza, Lucy finds the box hidden in a tree in the backyard. Together as a family, they battle the forces of evil, help those in need, and gain new friends, all the while enjoying the never-ending adventure that is Fairy Tail. Ishihira, Shinji Director. Ochikoshi, Tomonori Producer. Countless magic guilds lie at the core of all magical activity, and serve as venues for like-minded mages to band together and take on job requests.

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Namikawa, Daisuke Japanese. It consists of several different stories, concluding with a return to the world of Edolas. After several adventures, Natsu and his companions encounter Zeref living in isolation on the guild's sacred ground of Sirius Island.

When they use it, they are horrified to see Makarov losing his bathing suit in the pool, causing them to unwittingly demolish the pool in a panic. Series creator Hiro Mashima was involved with the film's story planner and rough sketch of the movie exclusive characters along with handwritten drawings that will be imposed in the film. Beyond the Brilliant Future! His inspiration for the series was simply sitting in bars and partying with his friends, the community aspect. During its many years of serialization, the series has had many specials such as omakes and crossovers.

Fairy Tail (Series)

List of Fairy Tail episodes

List of Fairy Tail episodes

Among them, Fairy Tail stands out from the rest as a place of strength, spirit, video effects web cam and family. The music for the soundtracks was composed and arranged by Yasuharu Takanashi.

Shortly after their meeting, Lucy is abducted by Bora of Prominence, who was posing as Salamander of Fairy Tail, to be sold as a slave. He offers her membership into the guild, which she gladly accepts.

List of Fairy Tail Zero episodes. Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation. To ensure that the job is not a prank, she goes to verify it.

The stories are chronologically set after the Edolas arc and before the Tenrou Island arc. After uprooting every tree in Magnolia, the wizards find the box by digging up the underground tree Natsu's house is built around. Jellal kindly gives Erza his coat and escorts her home. Preview Manga Manga Store. Lockser, Juvia Supporting.

Later, at the hot spring, Lucy tells the girls about how she first discovered Natsu and Happy's house. Madoushi Kessen and Fairy Tail Gekitotsu!