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The colon is necessary because both parameters are switches, so their inclusion alone in the command means true, whereas to explicitly set them to false means using the syntax above. Parameter ViewPrivateItems Enable the delegate to view items marked as private. Set up a Roaming User Profile. Parameter ReceiveMeetingRequests Enable the delegate to receive meeting requests for the owner. Owner and Manager are valid aliases for this parameter.

Reset the app, reinstall the app. Run the Windows Store troubleshooter. All other settings will remain as is. Alternately, you can gather information on the events by saving the output of Trace-xDscOperation into a variable. Parameter Owner Identity string of the user whose mailbox is to have the delegate.

If not loaded into the shell, it will retrieve a list of Exchange servers from Active Directory and attempt to connect to one until successful. The same folder structure of deployment shares can also be seen and managed in the Deployment Workbench. Details of operations run in the last half hour TimeCreated, a property of every Windows event, states the time the event was created. Run the Where-Object cmdlet to filter the events based on their level display name.

Reset the Windows Store cache, run the Troubleshooter, disable your antivirus, change the country or region to U. It is basically the same as my Get-Delegates.

Description Retrieve the list of delegates for a mailbox and display the mailbox permission, folder permissions, meeting invite settings, and optionally whether the delegate has Send As permission. Note that this parameter applies to all delegates. Run Windows Store Troubleshooter. Use Add-MailboxDelegate to add a new delegate.

The colon is necessary because bothParameter ViewPrivateItems Enable the