They then go to Toma's home

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Kent learns to openly show

Kent learns to openly show his emotions and affectionate feelings towards Heroine, due to his time spent with her. It is later found out that she is a member of Ikki's fan club. Shin shows up at the party and needs to talk to the Heroine alone. To her surprise he grabs her and holds her, muttering about how she couldn't sleep alone. Afterwards Shin passionately kisses her, but she doesn't break away this time.

It is later found

He kisses her forcefully, making her swallow the drug and knock out. As the Heroine runs up the stairs to the top of the clock tower, Orion explains that Neil was the creator of all fairies and how he gained power if he granted wishes to humans. Unfortunately by then it was too late to totally love the character cause the route had ended.

She later attemps to escape to retrieve her diary with the help of Orion. Later that night, the heroine leaves, alone. Shin takes the heroine to the college she attends.

She turns around and sees Toma grabbing her hand. He puts her back in the cage after his professor calls him and tells him his data is incorrect in his report.