Aaryn is a good competitor

Amanda and mccrae big brother hook up

Amanda then says I need more water and takes another sip. We could make something up.

Even if I did win the game I would still be miserable without you. Every song on the radio is another painful reminder of how I threw away the best thing I ever had all for the chance of winning some money. Amanda says we all need to stick together, we are all targeting the same people. They turn over and go to sleep. McCrae says all I would need to do is fold every single time till the end.

People ask me about my biggest regret in the game and I always answer some game related answer about I shoulda did this or I shoulda did that. Amanda says give it to McCrae, he is not going to use it.

He also pretty much stated that his whole relationship with Amanda Zuckerman was a mistake and he regrets it immensely. Spencer says yeah I know I am more worried about my safety than his hands. She realized that the reason I would go into depression in the house is because I was remorseful and regretful of the choices I made concerning you. Amanda climbs on top of him and they start to get all hot and heavy.

People ask me about my biggest

McCrae says I am worried I would go up if the veto is used. As long as one person folds every single time until Spencer and Jessie are out. That was the letter that ended us. McCrae says that Andy is already kind of split.

McCrae says that he thinks he is more with Helen. She then went onto tell me that I should talk to you as soon as I get out of the house. Amanda says but only Elissa would be mad. Amanda says Spencer should go before Ginamarie. Big Brother then switches the camera to that havenot room.

Amanda says give