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In the meantime, I don't even exist to him. His main trigger is criticism, and it doesn't take much to set him off.

Radically intervene in your own life

This situation is so similar to the one I was raised with that I did not even see it. He was upset but willing to listen. It brought me back to when I was going through puberty and I was attracted to my mother, I used to imagine fucking her. When she was getting ready for bed I saw her go into the bathroom, she came out in a small tank top and a pair of my boxers. Take the kind of loving care of yourself that you wish someone else would take for you.

Radically intervene in your own life to take care of yourself. Here I was lying with my naked mother who I'm pretty sure was putting the moves on me, my only issue was the fact that she was my mother, I was extremely attracted to her. None of that makes you a terrible person who needs to hide in the bushes from the assholes in her life, it makes you human.

We were being evicted, after my dad cheated on my mom a couple years ago he ran up a lot of credit card bills in my moms name. Then he yelled at me for about an hour until I hung up the phone. It began to get very warm under the blanket. These two assholes chose this. You were hiding from your own life in that pub, all those days of passing out and killing time with grubby men in grubby places.

Maybe it ate your marriage a few bites at a time. Drag everything into the light and deal with it. Seeing that made me hate her more than you can believe. The next day I got home and my mom was drinking in the kitchen she wasn't drunk but she had had a few drinks.

Whether or not I am hurt or upset is irrelevant. My husband, who is also handsome and fit, looked like he was happier than I had ever seen him. If I make him feel bad, he believes that is my fault.