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Louis Musical instrument company stubs. You included the label and top, which appears to be solid Spruce. Immaculate Condition, hook up swatch Still in original case and original Japanese Tags and warranty. Done a few acoustic duo gigs with it.

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It still is one of the best acoustics I've used. Alvarez's are supposed to have a lifetime guarantee for the original owner - I told them I was. Alvarez Guitars manufactures many models of guitar which are categorized by price point and specialty into series. So it may not be from this year although we all know how inaccurate catalog pix can be! Are you still looking for one?

Alvarez Guitars - Wikipedia. Definitely alvarez serial numbers dating is brandy dating needs work, but for sure of. Alvarez dating General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. At eighteen, Kazuo Yairi started his own workshop devoted exclusively to building classic guitars.

  • It has spent most of it's life in the case in my closet.
  • He sent it back repaired with a letter of appology.
  • How can anything take that long?
  • There is nothing better than a black Ebony fretboard on an acoustic guitar.
  • This section does not cite any sources.

Its one of the very best guitar. Perhaps my acoustic guitar preferences has slightly shifted from the Gibson sound to Martin. Thank you for listening to my story about my Yairi. Interestingly I did notice your guitar has a different truss rod construction than mine. Does anyone know a person or place that does this kind of work?

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  2. If it's not worth very much to someone, I'll just keep it and hand it down.
  3. Anyone in here have an Alvarez or Yairi they just want to get rid of?
  4. By reading the number stamped on the heel block of your Yairi, you can tell in which year it was made.
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Could someone point me in the right direction in retaining a new or even a good used one please. As you can tell from the picture, I've already seen her undressed. Members are from literally around the world. He worked for himself, earning a reputation for creating exceptional violins and guitars for concert musicians. If they respond I'll let you Know.

If anybody has an idea could you let me know? Any guidance would be appreciatted. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Should I send it to the Alverez factory?

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Anybody have any idea what this might be worth? These are great guitars that can be bought very cheaply when you can find them. They repaired it and cleaned it up like the day it was new.

Anyone interested in looking at it around the Columbus Ohio area? Please do some investigating. Yes they do get better with age, my advice is if you ever find a guitar you like, sexy women dating keep it!

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House of Musical Traditions. If you do use heavier gauge strings, you might want to de-tune when putting away the guitar. It has fine projection, sensitive response, and speedy action.

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Hi did you sell your Yairi? My Japanese friend says Sadao is closest to the original but Sada is easier for us to say. Notify me of new posts via email. To find the actual date you need to check the heelblock for a series of numbers, come back and post them here and I should be able to tell you the year for sure. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Manufacture Date for Alvarez - The Acoustic Guitar Forum

Do you know how many were made or what they may be worth now? Stewart McDonald is another great place to try if you decide to buy a new set of tuners, they sell almost every model of Grover tuners that are made. Taken from The Fellowship of Acoustics. One thing that I really like with Yairi is that they use the year of the Emperor of Japan to determine the production year of their instruments, how awesome is that. The date on the labels are normally when it was inspected, not the completion date.

Number of starbucks closed. Dating Alvarez guitars is going. This article about a musical instrument company is a stub. This would be the only way to explain the discrepancy. Manufactured in Japanwith a date apparently when first one was made.

Mine has a few dings in it now which I am thinking of getting repaired and possibly a re-laquer, has anyone done this, has it affected the tone etc. There should be numbers stamped on the heelblock, sometimes they are stamped high up on the heelblock, and you need to turn the guitar just so to see them. Please cantact me if you surch for this. There are some good people there.

Kazuo Yairi and his three brothers were exposed at an early age to the art of making fine musical instruments. Yairi could probably have built me a new guitar in that time, if he was still alive. Decode ibanez serial numbers Disclaimer. Serial number are meaningless with Japanese banjos as there is virtually no records one can access. The first two numbers correspond to the year of the Emperor of Japan at that time, see chart below.


Am thinking of selling it. He left Suzuki in and soon was producing violins, and then guitars, pregnant and dating in his own workshop. Please contact me if still available.

This instrument plays and sounds great. No, create an account now. Where should I avoid drilling? Kazuo Yairi has many craftsmen plus his brothers who work with him making Renaissance lutes, vihuelas, classic and dreadnought steel string guitars.

Alvarez Guitars

Trying to date my Alvarez (now with guitar pics)

Kazuo Yairi The Beginning

Ebony fingerboard with Abalone inlays, Pearloid inlays in top and around sound hole. Does anyone know were I could get the replacement parts for this. Having said that, I think everyone that is in to Japanese acoustics dream of owning a K. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alvarez Guitars.

Bridge cracked, cracks in head. Are the early models considered inferior to the newer classicals built by Kazuo? The most beautiful Martin D copies in the world, a K. Well the Morris has a bit more bass and is a slightly weaker on the treble side, I feel that the Yairi is more even over all the strings.

That looks like a Yairi really, They are not really that close to the cheaper Alvarez guitars, especially recently. It has a really nice tone with great bass response. Good luck with the search! That would make the time line fit.

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