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Principal Tater, thinks that he is immature and not fit to be a science teacher, when it is evident he is the more immature one. Founded in australia adam. Tater is hinted to be Adam and Ivy's father Proven by the video evidence of Mrs.

Relationships Adam Adam has a crush on Echo, but she is oblivious to this, but she seems to have a crush on him in some episodes. Ivy finds Adam a very weird person, as Adam knows already. Adam is shown to be a very sophisticated person.

Slab and Adam have sort of a tortoise and the hare relationship. First Impression, they finally had their first kiss and became a couple, until Preston Pickles used Adam's mind erasing device on Echo. It is shown in one episode that Adam has an iPhone. They have been known to pull pranks on each other. Used to wear contact lenses, till a Lazer accident restored his vision in Mr.

Adam keeps pictures of Echo in his locker. There are also some moments when Derby and Adam do not have a good relationship, often by not paying attention in his class and sleeping. Other examples of this include the time when everyone kept spending his money in Mr.

He shares the same name as Owl City's lead singer. Also, when Echo and Adam are about to kiss, it is always interrupted, all the time unintentionally. Free account in other adam today we're getting closer to pick two weeks, to meet, fun-loving singles, welcome home today we're talking about. He has also been known to have numerously gone through Echo's file and imagine her in the shower.

Adam keeps pictures of

Adam often tries to help Slab, but sometimes tries to humiliate him. Slab seems to bully Adam through the episodes but they seem to be close friends, such as in Mr. Ivy Ivy is Adam's somewhat dim-witted older sister, but Ivy is really embarrassed about it.

He is a biligual being able to speak three languages. Double Date that she does like Adam back, as she is trying to make him jealous, and was going to set him up with her. She also occasionally has him put a bag over his head when he talks to her. He is shown always to be very weak, and sometimes not able to make good plans. He has a huge crush on Echo, a perky and bubbly student at Finnegan High.

However he proceeds to create many other alternative versions, as he keeps changing history, to try and stop them breaking up. Create your home today we're talking about.

Principal Tater doesn't give Adam all the privileges of being a teacher, as he doesn't think he is going to last long. Adam is allergic to dust and many other things.

There are also some moments when