Aaron and Alex soon start dating

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After the Whites are involved in a car crash, Robert takes over full-time parenting duties while Rebecca is in the hospital. Aaron denies it but Holly ends their relationship. After Robert admits what he's done with the bottle to Aaron, Aaron promises to end him if Liv doesn't survive. Liv recovers and plays matchmaker between Aaron and her doctor Alex Mason. Aaron goes to see Jason and is told he can have the drugs if he agrees to do some jobs for him.

When Aaron learns of this he stops Cain by agreeing to go to the police. His family reacts positively to Alex but Aaron is hesitant about the relationship. Liv passes out from the drugged alcohol and is taken to the hospital. He immediately begins to struggle with the situation.

Gordon later takes his own life in prison. Aaron and Alex soon start dating.

Aaron is forced

February This section needs additional citations for verification. Lachlan escapes and they are forced to give chase and stop him falling over the edge of a cliff. They have a great time together and Robert tells Aaron he's proud of him.

Robert visits Aaron

Devastated, Aaron orders Robert to leave and nearly self-harms before seeing his counselor. Aaron comforts Liv over her sexuality after Gabby humiliates her at her sixteenth birthday, and lets her know that she doesn't have to label herself so soon. When Aaron stresses about not being able to support Liv, Robert takes him for a picnic in order to take his mind off things.

Robert visits Aaron in prison where the pair struggle to hide their emotions. Aaron is forced to miss the funeral as he is due in court. After learning that The Mill is up for auction, Liv offers to use some of her inheritance to help buy it, but Aaron refuses to use Gordon's money.

Aaron angrily shouts that he should have done everyone a favour and died. He refuses to move in with her and Carl and, after much convincing, gets Paddy to agree to let him stay with him. At Christmas, a drunk and depressed Robert makes a public plea to get Aaron to come back to him, but insults Alex and embarrasses himself and Aaron in the process.

Jackson and Aaron argue and Jackson tells Aaron that he loves him. Gordon also informs the police of Cain's actions against him. He is released on bail and he goes to Jackson's grave to say goodbye. After the robbery and Donna's subsequent death, Adam confesses to the garage arson, so Aaron can come home.

Aaron then encourages Chas and Paddy to get back together. He takes him to The Woolpack and is saddened to see the former vicar's rapid decline as his dementia takes hold. Aaron is later found in a near catatonic state by the prison chaplain, Fr Aiden who delivers some tough love, saying Aaron needs to open up to the people he cares about or end up like Jason.