They go to the hospital together

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Ariel and Ben rush to the cottage. Ariel explains that Adam is drugging him and she also argues that Adam is drugging her mother as well. The doorbell rings and she closes the line with Ariel and she goes to open the door.

He explains to her that

Adam picks up Dana from her house so they can go to the grief group together. The doctor asks Ben about the reasons behind taking large doses of Ethambutol. As Ariel tries to move on with her life at college, Adam Paul Johansson is suddenly everywhere in her mom's life. Adam ignores her questions and he brings a suitcase from the closet.

He explains to her that he lives a couple of blocks away and that he came to check up on her mother. Meanwhile, Dana was waiting for Ariel to come home so they can celebrate her birthday together.

Ariel hurries to call for an ambulance. Adam keeps telling her to eat the breakfast meal that he prepared. Adam catches Dana and he holds her down. Ariel sees Ben in college and she notices something wrong with his eye. However, she explains that she only drank two glasses of wine.

Meanwhile Dana was